Dream Social Login App(API) Setup


How to get your Facebook App ID and Secret

First of all login to your FB account and go to the Manage Apps page:

Click “Add a New App” option:

You’ll see the app type selector in the popup:

Then You’ll see the app creation form in the popup:

  • App Display Name: you can provide anything
  • App Contact Email: Your own valid and active email
  • Business Manager Account: If you have any business account then you can use it, it’s not mandatory
  • Finally, Click the Create App Button

You may be requested to enter the verification code in the popup. Fill in the appropriate field and proceed with the app creation. Once done the page with a variety of options will be shown for you. Select the “Facebook Login” one:

On the next page proceed with the “Web” item:

You’ll see the following page with the form which you need to fill:

Enter your site URL and save it. Once done the “Continue” button will become available. Use it. The app will generate the code but you may skip all the following steps here.

Go to the Settings in the Facebook Login section in the left sidebar menu:

You’ll see the next page:

  • Client OAuth Login: YES
  • Web OAuth Login: YES
  • Valid OAuth Redirect URIs: https://shopidreamapps.com/facebook/auth
  • Finally, Save Changes

Now Click Settings -> Basic in the left sidebar:

Here you’ll see the form which should be filled:

You can add any information for your app as well. And don’t forget to save your changes.

Once done enable the app using the tumbler in the top of the page:

Now you may use it in your Shopify Store. So now you should copy App ID and App Secret. On the Settings page click Show button to see the App Secret:

You’ll be requested to enter your FB password to confirm this action. Once done all the information you need will be shown to you:

  • Copy The App ID
  • Copy the App Secret

Then copy the App ID and App Secret to the Dream Social Login API Keys fields (Apps -> Dream Social Login -> API Keys -> add the values to the fields in the Facebook section):

Save the changes.