Dream Social Login App(API) Setup


How to get your Google App ID and Secret

Go to the Google API Console Credentials page. 


The next page will be opened:

Type the app name you want and click the «Create» button.

And you’ll see:

Go to the Credentials page:

Select Create credentials → OAuth client ID:

To create an OAuth customer ID, you must define a product name on the Consent screen

  • Application type: Web Application
  • Name: You can use any name, Exmp: Google Login
  • Authorized JavaScript origins: https://shopidreamapps.com (Note: Please Use the Same URL)
  • Authorized redirect URIs: https://shopidreamapps.com/google/auth (Note: Please Use the Same URL)
  • Finally, Click the create Button for Create OAuth client ID

And on the following page you’ll see the desired Client ID and Client Secret:

Copy Client ID and Client Secret and add them to the appropriate fields in the Dream Social Login API KEYS settings in your store admin panel:

Save the changes.